My Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender

I’ve had a Hamilton Beach immersion blender for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. It comes in handy for so many things and simplifies my cooking life in several ways. I’d actually thought about buying one for quite a long time: years, to be honest. Now I can tell you that I … Read more

A Tasty Wild Rice and Mushroom Recipe

Sometimes you start out with an idea in your head when you’re trying a new recipe, but the final product comes out differently. That was the case with this recipe for Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup, because although this recipe was supposed to be for a soup, it definitely turned out to be more like … Read more

Party Season Recipes to Have On Hand

As I write this, it’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the United States. Some people feel that the final two months of the calendar year are a party season (starting at Halloween), but I’m sure most people here in the U.S. say that season starts with Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday in November. … Read more

Why Eat Vegetarian?

I’ve shared several ideas for some easy veggie recipes to get you started.  But why should you bother to go forward on the vegetarian path?  Of course, eating solely vegetarian isn’t necessary; many people are satisfied with inserting two or three vegetarian menus per week for any number of reasons.  I personally made the decision … Read more

Tasty Vegetarian Burrito Recipes

What, you may ask, would go into vegetarian burrito recipes?  Well, up until recently, I really didn’t know the difference between a taco and a burrito. Perhaps a taco was made with a crunchy corn tortilla and a burrito was made with a soft flour tortilla.  Or maybe tacos had certain kinds of filling and … Read more

A Filling Five Ingredient Soup

This is the time of year when a nice, warm bowl of soup is ever so welcome. The main ingredient for this five ingredient soup recipe is black beans, which are hearty and very filling. In addition, they’re full of nutrition. Read on to get more information and hopefully have your appetite stimulated! The Recipe … Read more

Basic Vegetarian Menus for Easy Meals

My mother was a registered nurse. When planning dinner for her six children, nutrition was a very important component to her. At the time, the basis for a nutritious meal was that it included something from each of the four food groups.  These were a meat, a starchy dish (or a carb, as they are … Read more

Protein in Easy Veggie Recipes

It’s obvious that recipes that have no meat are vegetarian.  But you need protein for your healthy diet, don’t you?  So how can you incorporate protein into your easy veggie recipes?  You’ll see here that there are loads of choices for you! Option 1:  Eggs Eggs are a great option for protein in your vegetarian … Read more